Our Services:

The Universal Studies Academy provides distinguished quality authentic translation revised by Academy members of the Department of English. This service covers the translation of scientific and literary texts, articles, papers, proposals, documents, and certificates.

In addition to this, the Universal Studies Academy offers the same service to individuals, corporations, and institutions of the community. The Academy announces the readiness and willingness to sign contracts with firms, law and accounting offices, corporations, laboratories, factories and other institutions that may request translation services countrywide and abroad.

Our cadre of distinguished translators translates from and to the following languages:

Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Spanish, and Bulgarian.

We offer an outstanding range of translation services with our insistence on achieving distinction through quality and unrivaled service; a client at a time!



We offer the following services:
  •  General translation of your research papers, studies, submissions, books, promotional materials, etc.
  •  A certified translation by our certified translators who also certify that your document can be used for particular
     authorities, and the translation is totally accurate and complete.
  •  Media translation, including press releases, audiovisual files, dubbing and voiceover.
  •  Interpretation service tailored according to clients' requirements. Our scope of interpretation services: conferences,
     workshops, meetings, negotiations, press conferences, tour guide, factory visit, exhibition guide, public relation, seminar,
     and events, etc.
  •  Editing and proofreading of your writings, reports, case studies, theses, etc., no matter what language you are using.
  •  Legal translation of your contracts, documents, certificates, articles of association, etc.
  •  Technical translation and localization of your manuals, user guides, equipment specifications, software, etc.
  •  Medical translation of your medical reports, healthcare and pharmaceutical literature, etc.