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If you have any question, we are glad to hear from you. E-Mail us and we will contact you.

Universal Studies Academy
Tel. +970 82845045
P.O. Box: 5353, Gaza City, Palestine

President of Universal Studies Academy
Dr. Wael M. A. Murad

Gaza, Palestine: +970 598523132
Sharja, UAE: +971 551166036
Amman, Jordan: +962 795567490

President's E-Mail

Head of Translation Department
Ms. Rawhia Mohammad
Tel: +970 8245045


Payments and Money Transfer

Please it's important to send us the Pay-in slip after Payment to our E-Mail.

All checks and money transfers to be sent in the name of our president "Wael M. A. Murad" or in the name of our representative in UAE "Khaled W. M. Murad".

There are several means of making the payment. Below is the list of option by which you can make your payment for our services:

  • Cash in hand.
  • Checks.
  • Sending payment through any money exchange office such as Western Union, Xpress Money or Money Gram, UAE Exchange or any other suitable resources.
  • Bank Transfer / Wire Transfer / Telegraphic Transfer.
  • Deposit cash directly in our bank account by visiting any of our bank branches where we have our account.
  • Deposit checks on our behalf to any of the nearest bank where we are holding our account.
  • Pay Pal.



  1. 2-3 working days should be counted if accounts from different banks are not linked.
  2. 1 working day should be counted if paid by ATM (non-working hours).
  3. 1 working day should be counted if paid by check (non-working hours).
  4. 3-4 working days should be counted if overseas transfer.
  5. Payment can be made only for the next working day if online payment in non-working hours.