About Us:

The Universal Studies Academy, founded in Gaza/Palestine in 2001 with about 90 qualified professional staff (50 Academic Supervisors - 20 Trainers - 20 Translators) as one of the leading education, training, and translation companies designated to extend the facilities and experiences of the academy to regional, national, and international sectors and individuals. We provide distinguished quality translation of academic and official documents and materials. We also provide training courses for students, and professional translators and interpreters in specific fields and areas.

The Universal Studies Academy strives to establish itself as a distinguished international institution providing the same quality services to local and international organizations and institutions. We apply our knowledge of languages and technology to provide the best and qualified translation to our clients.




Universal Studies Academy
Translation Services

Our Company is one of the best educational, training and translation professional companies. It provides authentic and scholarly translation services to individuals and institutions inside and outside Palestine. It provides distinct translation services to the community local and nationwide. It also offers training programs to students and graduates working in the field of translation.


The Universal Studies Academy aims at:

  • Legal translation printed materials, scientific, social, literary, and cultural researches as deemed necessary for universities and community.
  • Develop the skills of languages and translation students through organizing and holding relative training courses.
  • Assist graduates of English language and translators to achieve and promote the efficiency of translation.
  • Planning to identify and fulfill the Academy demand for translated materials through regular and constant contact with the different faculties and institutions.
  • Proposing a general policy for translation to explore the most recent trends and materials to be translated.
  • Establishing links to communicate the Academy with other translation departments, centers, and institutes in the Arab and foreign universities.
  • Organizing seminars and symposia to discuss and exchange experiences with translation professionals and experts to develop an awareness of the role of translation which is vital in achieving cultural and intellectual renaissance.
  • Announcing the Academy‚Äôs activities to the academic mediums inside the country and abroad.
  • Publishing periodical press releases to make the Academy members aware of the most recent publications in the different fields and specializations.


We are officially licensed and certified by:

  •  The Ministry of Economy, Palestine.
  •  The Ministry of Culture, Palestine.
  •  The American International Academy, USA.
  •  The Board of International Trainers in America, USA.